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Bharat Citizen (National Hindi Newspaper) launched by the Mr. Lalit Singh Mann Managing Director of Micro Info Web Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Citizen started in 2008 as a weekly. “Bharat Citizen”is now also a leading newspaper in, Delhi NCR Chandigarh Punjab, Gujarat Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Currently Bharat Citizen publishes Weekly issue in every edition. “Bharat Citizen” was launched on the July 2008 from Delhi Newspaper with an objective of promoting social development and introducing a feeling of responsibility among the citizens or Bharat Citizens of a recently independent India. In keeping with these objectives that the publishers had set for themselves, the kind of news published was basically revolving around political and social issues and crime. As on organization “Bharat Citizen” is loyal to use its wide, focused experience technology and reach to create main coverage for the viewer. As a socially responsible News Network it has dared to walk a different path to bring truth & impartial reports. “Bharat Citizen” has grown severely and has evolved with the changing times. The newspaper is known for some ground breaking journalism and even in todays cut throat competition. “Success is that point in life Where opportunity coin-cides with preparation” We at RSMGCS not only Provide you the opportunity but also help You I preparation You can choose to be successful or ignore it.