Corruption is a universal phenomena. No society is free from it. In India
administrative and political corruption no longer surprises us. It has become a normal thing apart of our administrative and political culture. It is observed about Indian bureaucracy that from bottom to the top level a vicious ring operates and every functionary in the service demands a price where major agreements projects and contracts have to be executed invariable commission is today the unwritten convention.
There was a time when only a few corrupt IAS officers could be identified. Now sadly only a few honest upright persons with integrity can be spotted in the large cadre of IAS officers. There are coverages in newspapers everyday about official involved in bribery kickbacks and scams which are quite disheartening. Corruption is so well-embedded as a part of every that life itself that no one s eyebrows would ever get raised on the issues.
In short, corruption means deliberate and intentional exploitation of ones position status or resources directly or indirectly for personal aggrandizement whether it be in terms of material gain or enhancement of power prestige or terms of material gain or enhancement of power prestige or influence beyond what is legitimate or sanctioned by commonly accepted norms to the detriment or the interest of other persons or the community as a whole.